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Sadie Hamilton has gone from a west Texas ranching family to twenty years in the Army and back to her own little Texas ranch.
Along the way she’s experienced the best, and the worst life has to offer, love, betrayal, joy and heartache.
Now, in her fifties, life is finally ready to begin.

Winds Through the Mesquite

Winds Through the Mesquite – Book 5 in the McCleary Family Saga

A myriad of memories flooded behind Bryan McCleary Jr.’s eyes as he drove south. Ryan and JD, first at Houston as kids, then apart for years, now married. Jamie and Justin and the three kids, on the go all the time and happy with their lives. Casey and Patrick and the twins. ‘Now those two little monsters are fun.’ He thought with a small pang of longing for a family of his own that went away as quickly as it appeared. The only thing on his mind now was securing a lease on the land next to his.

Sammy Jo Lawless had already pulled up roots once leaving Texas for Arizona because of a feud with her Granny. Now her Granny was dead and she and her teenage daughter were returning to Texas. Not sure what was left on the ranch, she was definitely surprised at what she found when she got there in the form of her new neighbor. She also finds old grudges, and old friends.

Will the last of the McCleary’s siblings finally find happiness? Buy the book today and find out!

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Call the Storm

Hazel’s managed not to kill her Protector, although the man from her dreams challenges her and brings out a softness that she wasn’t sure she had or ever wanted. Now, she has to figure out how to put together a Staff of Elements and then wield the immense power.

Angus wakes up in a strange land with beautiful woman standing over him, along with a Dragon, so you can’t blame a guy for passing out. There is much to do to prepare the Freedom fighters, Elves, villagers and farmers of this dimension to fight in the impending war and he is just the man to do it.

Lost in a Dream

Riding her horse through the Home Oak, into the Great Oak, Regina is headed to Zandor as the fourth Staff Bearer and will finely join her mate after only dreaming about him for most of her life. Their quest is to complete a magical plant filled Staff, while traveling through her new homeland battling Piru’s soldiers.

Tursas left home at a young age to join the Freedom Fighters to help save Zandor from Piru’s evil plan. The woman he’s been dreaming about all these years is coming from another dimension and the distance that has kept them apart will finally be gone.

Up from Ruin

Captain Meri is suspending his cargo services along the western coast of Zandor before Piru ends it himself.

The Devil is running roughshod over the realm and working hard to make it his. Two Staff Bearers have completed their quests and Meri has been warned that he is part of the next team. He wonders what the woman coming from the other dimension will be like and is pretty sure she is the woman haunting his dreams.

Ali’s life is full of holes. Found wandering the streets at eight years old with no memory of anything but her name, she was adopted by wonderful parents only to lose them in a violent attack. Her memories are cloudy and uncertain. Who ever heard of Shadows killing people?